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Join us on our mission to accelerate math learning for California students

The only math platform combining the advantages of digitalization with the power of handwriting
Pre-assessments & diagnostics

Magma knows California

Promotes a constructivist approach much in line with California Mathematics Framework  and is aligned with California Common Core State Standards
Provides standards-aligned content consisting of rich problems with multiple entry points.
Advances math equity and accessibility to revolutionize the learning journey for ALL students
Empowers teachers and supports students to move seamlessly between in-person instruction, remote learning, & independent study
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“I have been using Magma for pre-assessments and checkpoints. I am always happy to help with giving feedback!”
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Flor, California
Certified Educator
“I’ve had an excellent experience! Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”
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Rosa, California
Certified Educator
“I have enjoyed supporting Magma over the last 2 years. I look forward to collaborating moving forward, and accept the honor of identifying as a Magma Certified Educator! I look forward to continuing to support Magma with any future projects.”
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Andres, Florida
Certified Educator

Magma advances math
equity and accessibility in California

120+ languages
Removes language barriers and promotes English learning with translation into students’ native languages
Allows students to hear a problem read aloud as many times as they want.
Color vision deficiency support
Uses colors that support students with color vision deficiencies in all graphics.
Individualized learning
All content is available in three difficulty levels, decreasing math stigmatization and helping build math confidence.
Remote learning
Removes location-based differences in learning opportunities – Same opportunity no matter if the students are in the classroom, at home, or somewhere else.
Easier to focus
Removes distractions and presents problems one by one, decreasing the cognitive load and making it easier for students to focus on the task at hand

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