Magma Summer Program

A 4-6-week teacher led program focused on learning recovery through a rich grade-level curriculum building math fluency in power standards
Designed to ensure that each student is as ready as their peers for new learning opportunities in the coming school year.
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This year only we offer all new Magma users full access to the platform and our Summer Program for a 6-week period in Jun-Aug.
The free period includes onboarding and implementation support to ensure a successful program.  
Learning opportunity

Summer school done right!

Stay on grade-level
Avoid playing catch-up and focus on conceptual understanding of grade-level content
Personalized learning journey
Identify and address individual learning gaps
Focus on key conceptual areas
Develop a deep understanding of the most important topics
Quality above quantity
Focus on depth of instruction rather than pace

Magma Summer Program in a nutshell

Complete summer school program for grades 3-8
Ready made lesson plan - 30-60 min a day x 5 days a week x 4-6 weeks
Best practice, research-based instruction framework
Full access to the Magma platform and our world-class support
Grade 5 program scope & sequence
Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers
▪ Adding multi-digit whole numbers
▪ Subtracting multi-digit whole numbers
▪ Multiplying 3 and 4-digit by 1-digit numbers
▪ Multiplying 2-digit numbers
▪ Dividing up to 4-digits by 1-digit numbers (no remainder)
▪ Dividing up to 4-digit by 1-digit numbers (with remainder)
Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering
▪ Fractions on the number line
▪ Equivalent fractions
▪ Comparing fractions
▪ Mixed numbers
Perform operations on fractions with same denominators
▪ Adding fractions (same denominator)
▪ Subtracting fractions (same denominator)
▪ Adding and subtracting mixed numbers (same denominator)
▪ Multiplying fractions and whole numbers
Understand decimal notation for fractions
▪ Adding fractions (with den. 10 and 100)
▪ Fractions to decimals
▪ Decimals on the number line
▪ Comparing decimals to hundredths
Magma has a unique approach to math education
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Try Magma Summer Program for free this summer