5 Tips Before Summer Break

Updated: Aug 10

As we turn the page of our calendars to May, the summer break (and some well deserved time off) is quickly getting closer and closer. However, the term is not over yet and there are a few things you can do to ensure that it ends just as good as it started. Now is the time to prepare your students for the final push. In this article, we list 5 things you can do to help your students get to the next level.

1. Checkup

To know where to put the focus is, of course, a good place to start. Find out what your students know (and don’t know) by doing a checkup quiz or similar. This is very easy to do in Magma Math, for example. Pick a few problems from each area that you and your students have been working on and then the platform will do all the work with mapping out their knowledge. To read more about this, click here.

2. Make a plan

The next step after you have figured out what the problem areas for your students are is to make a plan. How are you going to fill the knowledge gaps? Depending on how old your students are and what other tests are coming up, you can dedicate more or less time to this. The important thing is to do something, no matter how big or small.

3. Communicate

Communication is a fundamental part of every functioning collaboration and, as you know, you need your class to work with you to accomplish anything at all. Let them know what’s up and what the next couple of weeks will look like. Give them enough time to prepare for any follow up exam or test your planning on giving out. This is really the key for a successful spring.

4. Support

Some students might have more areas they need to practice on than the average student. These students also (often) have a hard time structuring their time and figuring out what to work on first. To support them, make a more detailed plan for them specifically. Remember to not give them too much to work on, though, since this might demotivate them quickly.

5. Enjoy the final time

Even though there’s still work to be done before the summer break, don’t forget to appreciate the last couple of weeks with your students. Depending on the structure you have at your school, this might be the last chance you have to really bond with them before they get another math teacher. All of you deserve to have fun together too!