Teacher Spotlight: Jerez from the Bahamas

Updated: Aug 10

Starting the school year virtually, Jerez was looking for a way for her students to show their work. She wanted to help her students “improve their math skills” and, at the same time, utilize her time better. After using Magma Math for a while, Jerez has been noticing how her students are practicing more math and understanding better how math problems are solved.

The beautiful Bahamas - now with a lot of inspired math students!

Helping students from a distance

“We wanted a way for the students to, not just select an answer, but show their working on a mathematical problem.”

Jerez started the school year with more than 250 students to teach. Having to teach remotely, it was a challenging situation. She wanted her students to practice enough during classroom hours, but also to be able to follow up with their math homework.

"Show your work!", Jerez tells her students

To make sure her students really understood the material, Jerez also wanted to see their work. Choosing the final answer was not enough for her. She explained that it is not only the answers that matter, but also their “validity”. Identifying the validity of final answers was not possible without seeing the work done to reach those answers.

Providing this large number of students with appropriate content in order to excel at math was challenging given the organizational aspect of remote teaching. Having to follow up with everyone’s practice, assignments, and quizzes was not an easy task.

Following up with each student from one place

“I can provide more direct feedback and get an overview of how my students are doing at a glance with the built in data and analytics views.”

After finding Magma Math, Jerez was eager to see how it will affect her teaching. Starting with only one of her classes (55+ students), Jerez realized how it has helped her students. Urging students to show their work has made them “take more responsibility” for their answers.

Jerez also found that Magma caters for her own needs as a teacher. It accommodates the large size of her classes, it is easy to use, and it made her teaching simpler. She explained that Magma has allowed her “to keep all assignments in a centralized organized area.”

After Jerez explains the lesson, she assigns exercises for her students to work on during the week. While mainly using Magma Math for homework, Jerez is planning to expand her usage and utilize it during class time for practice and as a formative assessment method.

Seeing results and working more efficiently

“They are improving their math skills and truly utilizing the knowledge provided.”

As they “are able to practice more questions than usual,” Jerez has been seeing her students’ performance improve. Magma has also helped her provide differentiated content and assessment according to her students needs.

Asking her what her favorite features of Magma are, Jerez chose the blank canvas, where students can show their work, and our exercise heatmap overview, where she can see her students’ attempts, previous responses, and color coded correct & incorrect answers.

Jerez will onboard another one of her classes to Magma, now that she is seeing her students take responsibility for their work, and understand what it means to work on a math problem. Not having to deal with “lost worksheet cries,” and knowing more about her students’ performance and skill development, she is now able to conduct and manage her classes in a much more efficient manner. Jerez is planning to utilize Magma more in her classes. She will use it in classwork, homework, and quizzes in order to better understand her students’ work and keep up with all of them.

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