Teacher Spotlight: Lisa from Massachusetts

Updated: Aug 10

Teaching 50+ 7th graders, Lisa Hua is trying to find the best resources to help her students express themselves in math class. She believes they need “a space to work and submit their work,” while she needs to be able to monitor their progress. After starting to use Magma Math, Lisa now feels that her students have a voice in math class. Furthermore, with the service she can mimic the structure of an actual classroom while teaching remotely as well.

Hunting for a comprehensive math solution

“I needed a space for kids to be able to work and submit their work all in one place, where I could monitor their progress as well.”

Palmer High School

Before finding Magma Math, Lisa was on the search for a service to help her manage her math classes. “I’ve tried everything,” she explained to us. However, she couldn’t find a service where she was able to ask students to show their work, observe it, and monitor their progress.

Since she is teaching mostly remotely, her students were not able to show their work. Some of the students lacked motivation and only guessed their answers. Lisa wanted her students to have more accountability for the work that they submitted.

She also needed a comprehensive system that is math-specific and accessible; one that simulated a virtual classroom structure.

Managing math class through an efficient system

“I can finally see when kids get stuck on problems and where.”

After introducing Magma Math to her students, Lisa started to feel the difference immediately. She is now able to “gather data quickly and respond in the moment,” allowing her to teach more efficiently and effectively.

She can finally both see and understand her students’ work. Her understanding of the challenges they face is clearer as she can “see when kids get stuck on problems and where.”

Lisa has been using Magma Math in multiple ways. She uses Magma Math for classwork; to observe how students are working with new material and to check their understanding of it. She has also been using Magma Math as a platform for practicing and reviewing specific units or chapters. Students can use Magma Math to practice this material at their own pace, while expressing themselves and being able to show what they know.

In depth understanding for students’ progress and performance

“I have gotten the best idea of student understanding through using Magma Math.”

Lisa now has “a better handle on how kids think in math.” She explains that having a service that mimics the structure of a classroom gives her the opportunity to offer her students what they need to succeed in math class. While seeing their progress in real time, she can get the best idea of their understanding and help them in the ways they need.

Magma has also helped her students express themselves mathematically and “organize their thoughts better in a virtual classroom.”

“Magma Math gives my students the opportunity to have a voice.”

Lisa will continue using Magma Math to help her students be more successful and confident in expressing themselves in math, whether remote or in class.

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