Designed with Teachers in Mind

Magma Math enables teachers to apply best practices for mathematical instruction, and students get to work through rich problem solving tasks with multiple entry points. Magma classrooms are centered around joy, collaboration, and productive struggle.
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Agency, Identity, and Authority

Magma's student interface gives students the opportunity to generate and share ideas with their peers. Teachers receive student data that allows them to recognize and capitalize on the strengths of each individual.

Access to Rich Content

Gain access to 40,000+ state-aligned tasks. Teachers can spend less time lesson planning and more time providing students with meaningful learning opportunities.

Cognitively Demanding Tasks

Students are invited to participate in rigorous problem solving, and teachers can easily provide the right support in real time.

Increased Mathematical Confidence

93% of Americans experience some level of math anxiety. Anonymizing students' work can help increase participation in mathematical discourse. Making math fun, alive, and debatable makes room for everyone to engage and build math confidence.

Intuitive Interface

Digital learning tools should be as easy to use as possible. Built in text to speech and translation makes math accessible to all students. Creating customized assignments is as simple as shopping online and adding to the cart.

We Live by Our Values


Magma lifts every student up. Students' individual needs are met through instant feedback in the platform as well as through live support from teachers and peers.


Magma’s got your back. Teachers can quickly check for understanding, view student thinking in real time, and provide personalized support.


Magma revolutionizes math education. Math is a subject best done by hand, and Magma is the only digital platform that enables students to show their thinking without adding cognitive load.

Discover For Yourself

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of our teachers are impressed with how Magma increased student outcomes
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