The K-12 math platform to advance student learning

Magma Math is a math platform designed to support teachers to make more informed instructional decisions in the classroom and create opportunities for deeper student-driven discourse and collaboration among students.
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Why Magma?

Discover how students are thinking

Magma Math shifts the focus from solely receiving the final answer, to seeing the full solution, enabling teachers to understand the students' thought processes.

Differentiate assignments

Design formative assessments and activities using Magma Math's library of 15,000 math problems. Each available in 3 difficulty levels.

140 different languages

Language should not be a barrier in math. Students can choose to access content in 140 different languages.

Identify & address learning gaps as they arise

Magma Math shows what individual students are struggling with, as well as a profile of your whole class’ level of understanding.

When teachers use Magma

Mathematical discourse

Magma is a great platform to deepen students' mathematical understanding and develop diverse problem solving skills.

Formative assessments

Assess students with entry and exit tickets in an efficient way. Magma will give you the insights you need to identify gaps.

Individualized practice

One size doesn't fit all in education. That's why Magma allows you and the students to practice on the right tasks at the right time.

As a Digital Math Tool Should Work

Students learn best when showing their work
Educators can refocus their time from grading to facilitating deeper math learning
Students receive immediate feedback that gives them autonomy as learners
Administrators can relax with cross-platform compatibility

"Show Your Work!"

Mathematics is more than just multiple choice practice.
Each step in a student's process reveals a story.

With Magma Math, ALL students are empowered to see themselves as doers of mathematics.  Teachers are able to facilitate mathematics as a living practice and center students' voices in every lesson.

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15,000+ Teachers Use Magma

“The teacher-student collaboration is much better, you get to identify the challenges much faster. The overview I get per class is unbeatable!”
Diane, 4th grade teacher,
St. Patrick School, IA
“Magma is my favorite app. It's fun because of how I show my work.”
Student's testimonials image
Ian, 6th grade student
Merrol Hyde Magnet School, TN
“My students improve so much every time we use Magma Math. I am amazed at the results!”
Ralph, 7th grade teacher,
Pine View School, FL


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