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The competition is over. Thanks to all the classes that participated!

We're so impressed with what you've accomplished in these two weeks! 😀 We hope that you want to participate in our upcoming competition this fall.

🏆1st place: Class Algebra I Term, Abraxas School,
Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center 👏

Hoppsan! Någonting blev fel. Var vänlig försök igen.

Feel the love from New York educators

“I have been using Magma for pre-assessments and checkpoints. I am always happy to help with giving feedback!”
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Flor, California
Certified Educator
“I’ve had an excellent experience! Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”
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Rosa, California
Certified Educator
“I have enjoyed supporting Magma over the last 2 years. I look forward to collaborating moving forward, and accept the honor of identifying as a Magma Certified Educator! I look forward to continuing to support Magma with any future projects.”
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Andres, Florida
Certified Educator