Education Alliance Finland Certifies Magma Math with Supported Learning Engagement

Katherine Bazley

Magma Teacher Ambassador

Magma Math is a K-12 digital math platform known for its groundbreaking technology where students’ handwritten solutions are redefining math education. Started in Sweden in 2015, the EdTech company launched in the US in 2020. With a focus on conceptual understanding and student engagement, Magma models best practices and thought leadership in the math sphere.

Education Alliance Finland (EAF) is a third-party EdTech evaluation company that conducts “impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions.” A team of master teachers in Finland evaluated and rated Magma Math across three domains.

EAF reviewed Magma’s learning goals, pedagogical approach, and learning engagement. Magma’s learning goals and content were found to be “instructional and didactic,” and the platform is 100% aligned to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics. Magma's pedagogical was found to be exceptional, noting that the platform can “make it easy for teachers to track progress and use this data to create grades and reports." Finally, learning engagement was found to be supportive, meaning that Magma “takes into account” various aspects of user engagement, such as respect, autonomy, and safety.

CEO Henrik Appert believes that this evaluation will position Magma “strongly” in the US market, especially as content alignment and data collection are at the center of discussion among school decision makers.

Other noted strengths include that Magma “helps the teacher to differentiate” as “students will practice the same content but at the level they need to,” and that “teachers can check the students’ working out and reasoning to see if they did work it out themselves.”

For more information on how EAF conducts evaluations, visit their website.


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