EANS I & II Funding in K12 Expires Soon!

October and November 2021 are the deadlines for most states to allocate their Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) Program Funding. Please talk to your administrators and the business office ASAP about using EANS funds to support your math classrooms. You might also check in with your administrator and business office about Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) federal and state funds. These funds are "use it or lose it" -- if your school does not allocate them for you, they can't be redeemed past the due date.

Please see the timeline image below and note that from now until November 2021, based on your state's allocation of funds, your deadline may have already passed or is coming very soon. In California, for example, $186,538,464 was awarded to the state for private, independent, alternative, religious, Christian, and Catholic K-12 schools. The deadline for schools to spend the money allocated for EANS is October 31st, 2021 in California. For more California specific information on EANS, you can go to the California Department of Education (CDE) FAQ page. Please do not delay in contacting the administrators and business officers at your school about using EANS funds to support you. If the funds are not fully used, they can not be saved for future use.

The EANS funds are flexible and can be applied easily to Magma Math, especially because the purpose of these funds are to support teachers and students due to COVID learning loss. These resources are meant to help re-energize the classroom with new and innovative ways to help students learn and help teachers teach. Some examples of how the funds can be used for Magma Math are listed, although not exhaustive:

  1. Intervention and Remediation

  2. Formative assessments, pre-assessments, and summative assessments to easily find the gaps in skills and knowledge checks

  3. Creating collaborative learning environments and encouraging mathematical discourse: because we know math is not about the final answer, it's about the story and the thought process

  4. Digitizing your math classrooms to make math engaging, innovative, creative, relevant, and fun: giving the paper and pencil experience in a 21st century way

  5. Filling in the gaps through personal practice, differentiation, and also enrichment or remediation based on student need

  6. Making the Math Classroom Equitable and Inclusive:

  7. The role of technology should be to create an environment where students can thrive and show their mathematical understanding - even if it looks different from traditional ways of expression

  8. creating your own questions and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) check-ins

  9. Professional Development (PD)

  10. Customized training plans and best practices, created by our expert math teachers who can help you optimize your teachers' and students' experiences of using Magma Math in the classroom

  11. Personalized implementation and regular PD to make sure every teacher and student is engaged and getting the most they can out of the program

Have any questions about EANS funding or need support to speak to your administrator or business officer? Contact Katherine Cheng at kat@magmamath.com

Or, you can see pricing options for student licenses and purchase directly from our site.


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